Furnace Down? Ways To Keep Children Warm And Entertained

If your furnace went down and it is very cold outside, you may have to wait a few hours before a furnace repair technician shows up. If you have children, below are some tips on how you can keep them warm and entertained in your cold house. Build a Fort Let the children build a fort in your living room. This can be easily done by using some kitchen chairs with an old blanket draped over them. Read More 

3 Important Features You Might Not Think Of For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Planning for a bathroom remodeling project often begins with determining a new layout and choosing the materials you will use. These are the standard decisions needed for bathroom remodeling, but there are other factors you may want to consider that you didn't even think of. Here are three things that many people fail to plan for during a bathroom remodeling project. Water efficiency As you make updates in your home, you may want to ensure that the updates are as energy-efficient as possible. Read More 

Tips for Installing an Expansion Tank in Your Home’s Hot Water System

If your hot water system relies on a storage tank for ready access to hot water, you may find that you have excess pressure building up in the tank due to the expansion of the water when it is heated. This added pressure can cause damage to both the hot water tank and your plumbing. If you are using a tank-based hot water system, you should add an expansion tank to provide somewhere for the water to go. Read More 

Four Things You Will Want To Know Before Installing Septic Systems And Drilling Wells

Many homes require the installation of septic systems to treat waste. There are also homes that need a well and a septic system. This is why it is important to consider both of these systems for your home. The septic waste can affect water quality in your well. Septic systems may need to be designed for certain soil types and be located a safe distance from your home. Here are four things that you may want to consider when installing a septic system and drilling a water well for your home: Read More 

4 Tips For Working With PVC Pipe

At one point or other, most every home owner feels the urge to take on a DIY plumbing project in their home. Whether you're installing a new sink or a whole new bathroom, chances are that any such project will involve joining PVC pipe. If you'd like to brush up on your PVC knowledge before you get started, read on. This article will provide four tips for ensuring a stable, lasting bond: Read More