Handy Homeowner Tips: How To Save Water And The Expenses Associated With It

As a homeowner, you've got plenty of responsibility on your plate when it comes to maintaining a safe, reliable, and cost-effective place to live. You can optimize insulation and introduce solar power to the household in order to save money and minimize wear and tear throughout the years. It's also important to decrease your water use, thereby lowering your carbon footprint and saving you some money on water expenses, with the help of these ideas:   Read More 

Why Your Asphalt Driveway Gets More Potholes In Winter & How To Fix It

If you have an asphalt driveway, you may have noticed that you get more potholes in winter than at other times of the year. Knowing why this happens and what you can do about it can help you preserve your driveway and prevent this from happening again in the future. Why does your asphalt driveway get more potholes in winter? Your asphalt driveway likely gets more potholes in winter than at other times of the year because of the amount of precipitation your community gets and because of the freeze/thaw cycles that take place at this time of year. Read More 

Frozen Pipes On Cold Winter Days: A Guide To Prevention And Quick Action

When the thermometer drops below freezing and the snowflakes begin to fly, it's time to start keeping your pipes in mind. Frozen pipes are at risk of bursting and flooding your home. Thus, it's important to do all that you can to prevent frozen pipes – and to know what to do if you do find yourself faced with this problem. Preventing Frozen Pipes Insulation: Walk through your basement (and any other spaces where there are exposed pipes), and make sure that each one you see has a layer of insulation over it. Read More 

Should You Invest In A Larger Heating Oil Or Gas Storage Tank?

If you heat your home with oil, propane, or natural gas, you may find yourself facing a tough decision when your tank runs dry with just a few cold weeks left in the year -- or when prices are high due to short supply. For those who find yourself running out of heat at inopportune times, upgrading the size of your storage tank (or getting a backup tank) may help you stock up on oil or gas during late summer sales instead of being held hostage by mid-winter rates. Read More 

3 Ways To Make A Patio Feel Like An Extra Room

Patios are a common feature in many homes. While many homeowners utilize this space on a regular basis, others find that they are unsure of what to do with this outdoor space. One way to get more use out of a patio is to treat it like an extra room. Patios can be treated like a living room that happens to be outside. These spaces are great for entertaining, family dinners, and lounging. Read More