Asphalt Paving Guide To Improve Your Business With New Asphalt Paving And Attractive Finishes

If you need new pavement for your business, asphalt is one of the most affordable and attractive options. It is a versatile material that will last for years with a good seal coating and minor maintenance. In addition, there are also a lot of ways that asphalt pavement can be improved that you may not be aware of. The following asphalt paving guide will help you choose the right improvements for your business:

Designing The Drainage And Watershed Of Paved Areas To Reduce Wear And Problems With Water

The drainage design of your pavement is important, which can be a drainpipe system that includes storm grates. The storm drains are needed for larger pavement installations and for when there is curbing with the pavement. In addition, it is important that any size of asphalt pavement project has a good watershed design that allows water to drain off of the paved area and not puddle.

Installation And Compaction Of The Right Base Materials For A Better Foundation For Asphalt Paving

The installation and compaction of the base materials are also important for asphalt pavement. These should be layers of sand and gravel that are compacted. These materials provide a solid foundation for the asphalt to be laid on top of and provide good drainage for water that filters through the paved surface.

Stamped Finishes And Attractive Designs That Can Be Done When You Have New Asphalt Pavement Installed For Your Business

Another important feature of asphalt pavement is the finished surface, which is usually smooth with conventional asphalt pavements. Today, there are also options for custom stamped finishes and designs that can be embedded into the surface of the pavement. These custom finishes can create a more attractive pavement for your business using affordable asphalt materials.

Seal Coating And Painting That Will Give Your Finished Pavement An Attractive, Protective Finish

Lastly, the finish of the asphalt pavement for your business will not be complete without a seal coating. This is a special coating of sealant that can give your pavements a more colorful and attractive finish. The seal coating also protects the pavement from wear and can have additional painting done for parking, signage, and attractive decorative features.

These are some of the asphalt paving installations and improvements that you will want to do when you add new pavements to your business. If you need help with pavement features for your business, contact asphalt paving contractors, such as Phend & Brown, and talk to them about the needs of your paving project.