Roofing Installation Service In Nome, Alaska: Out-Of-The-Ordinary Situations And Roofs

In most of Alaska, people tend to build their own cabins put their own roofs over their heads. There is not much in the way of hiring dozens of contractors for construction, unless you live closer to a city. Still, when you are looking for roofing installation service in a place like Nome, Alaska, for example, you might find some out-of-the-ordinary situations and extraordinary roofing options. 

A Lot of This, Not So Much of That

Nome is in the farthest northwestern reaches of the state. If you walk to the frozen beaches, you can look out over the frigid waters of the Bering Strait and see Russia on the other side on a clear day. It should not surprise you, then, to find out that a lot of roofs here are made from whatever people can find and use. There is a lot of rough-hewn timber logs topping most of the houses and buildings, but here and there, there are tin, aluminum, and steel roofs too. There are not a lot of shingles because it costs a lot of money to bring enough shingles by boat or by plane to this coastal Alaskan town. 

Some Contractors, but More Local Skilled Labor

If you move to Nome and build a house, you will find that there are a handful of contractors. The majority of the labor is performed by locals, particularly those who have lived here their entire lives and the Native Americans who live in a nearby village of their own. All of these skilled laborers are looking for work, and almost all of them have helped others living in the same town install roofs. You can see their handiwork all around you, even on the hospital, clinic, and local taverns. Decide what kind of roof you want, and these local tradespeople will install it for you. 

Locally Sourced Means Whatever They Can Get That Is Not Nailed Down

Up here, people save scraps of everything. Acquiring entire home building goods stores full of stuff is uncommon, so reusing what you have and what you find all around you is a way of life. Demolition only results in more reusable items for more construction. Before you request "locally sourced," be specific. If it is trees and logs you want to be used for the roof of your Alaskan home, specify. If you want trees hewn into wooden shingles and covered with tar and pitch like the Alaskan pioneers did, ask for that. Otherwise, your "locally sourced" roof could end up being industrial metal sheeting or a mix of wood and metal.