Your Bathroom Remodel: Projects That Won’t Take Forever

You want to have your bathroom remodeled, but you don't want to have a contractor in your bathroom for days, weeks, or even longer at a time. Major remodeling projects that take a long time can be hard to handle when you have a limited time to get things done or you only have a single bathroom and you want to be able to get back to normal in your home as soon as possible.

Don't forgo a bathroom remodel just because they do take some time to complete; the remodeling project you have before you can actually be very rewarding, even if it takes a bit of time. Here are a few bathroom remodeling projects that won't take forever to complete but will also give you a great result when you have them done.

New Paint

New paint in your bathroom can make a huge difference and really improve the living space for better quality and enjoyment. Lighter colors will make the bathroom more inviting and fun. Darker colors will give the bathroom a more intimate and private appeal. If you need a quick remodel to give your bathroom a fresh look without too much effort, time, or investment, then consider having the bathroom painted. You can add to this type of renovation later if you wish.

New Hardware

Want to give your bathroom a new look without replacing cabinetry or anything else? Your bathroom can be given a new look simply by updating the hardware for a fresh and inviting appeal. You can install brass or glass knobs on the cabinet doors or the vanity can be upgraded with new knobs. You can put in a new towel rack or shower rod as well to really make your bathroom renovation complete.

New Fixtures

How about new bathroom fixtures? You can upgrade the faucets, toilet handle, shower head, and other fixtures to make your bathroom more modern in its overall appeal and use. Your contractor can put these in for you and you can have them be mixed and matched or they can be all in one complete set for a more cohesive look.

There are many ways you can have your bathroom remodeled where the project is both easy to accomplish and won't take a lot of time. You can even have many of these projects done at once if you wish to give you the best outcome for your project overall. Your contractor will help you decide which bathroom remodels to do based on a few factors.