How To Deal With Your Landscaping Waste

The dog days of summer are here, and many homeowners are busy at maintaining their lush landscaping. While landscaping can be an enjoyable job, cleaning up the aftermath is not as fun. To help make this part of landscaping easier, consider the following tips when removing the refuse leftover from your landscaping work?

Use the Correct Type of Bags

When you cut grass and limbs and rake leaves, you have to pick up the clippings to help keep your yard looking nice. You will need the proper receptacle to place the refuse in so you can easily haul it away. Consider purchasing some biodegradable bags meant for lawn debris. Not only will the bags safely waste away with the rest of the clippings and organic matter, but they are also stronger than standard trash bags.

Check for Local Pickup

If you do not have the ability to haul away the bags of landscaping waste yourself, check with your local trash pickup or recycling service. These services will often pick up your lawn debris on trash pickup day. Be sure to call ahead to ensure there is not a different day that lawn matter is picked up other than your normal trash day. Also, ask if there are any special instructions you need to follow when you place your bags out for pickup. The instructions may prohibit certain types of refuse or they may only pick up a certain amount of lawn matter at a time. You should also make sure your bags or other refuse receptacles are acceptable when you place the refuse out for pickup.

Consider a Dumpster Rental

If you have a big landscaping job, you may want to consider renting your own dumpster. While it may appear expensive at first glance, having a dumpster at your fingertips will help facilitate the job much faster and with more ease. You also have the ability of throwing out the refuse as you need to rather than sticking to a schedule. You can simply call your local trash company and inquire about renting a dumpster. They will place it for you, then return to pick it up at a specified time.

Consider Using a Wood Chipper

If you have a lot of limbs and stumps to contend with, you should consider using a wood chipper. You can rent or purchase a wood chipper, depending on how long you intend to use it. Not only will you decrease the size of your landscaping debris pile, you can also use the chipped wood for mulch in your new landscaping design.

For more information, contact a hauling service in your area.