4 Tips To Help You Deal With The Most Common Garage Door Problems And Reduce Maintenance Costs

The garage door of your home has a lot of mechanical components that wear over time. Some of the common problems that happen with garage doors can be avoided with simple routine maintenance like greasing parts, balancing the door, and routine inspections. The following tips will help you deal with the most common problems that affect garage doors:

1. The Signs of Your Door Being Out of Balance That Can Lead to Damage

Balance is important for your garage door, and when it is out of balance, problems like difficulty opening and closing the door are common. One obvious sign that your garage door is out of balance is an uneven gap at the bottom when it is closed. There may also be other signs, such as the door sticking during operation and difficulty opening it at certain points.

2. Problems With Broken Springs Causing the Door to Not Operate Properly

The springs are that components of garage doors that allow them to be opened and closed with ease. Therefore, they are under a lot of stress and can wear out or eventually break. Broken springs will make it difficult to operate the garage door and can cause it to close too hard, which can lead to damage to other components. If you have worn or broken springs, you will need to have a garage door service replace them.

3. The Need for Routine Greasing of Garage Door Parts to Prevent Damage 

Greasing the moving parts of your garage door will help to prevent many of the common problems with wear. You want to make sure that parts like tracks, rollers, and springs are greased regularly to reduce wear and tear of the moving parts of your garage door. If your garage door is making a lot of noise during operation, this is usually a sign that it is time to grease the parts to reduce wear.

4. Problems With Safety Mechanisms That Can Cause the Door To Not Work Properly

Modern garage doors have several safety mechanisms, such as sensors to stop doors from closing when there are obstacles in its path and emergency release cords for openers. These parts need to be inspected regularly to ensure that the door is working properly and safely. Whenever you have other repairs done to your garage door, have the repair technician inspect the safety systems.

These are some tips to help deal with some of the most common problems that affect garage doors. If you are having problems with your garage door, contact a garage door service like Plano Overhead Garage Door for help with the repairs and maintenance that your door needs.