Options For Concrete Patterning

Paving with concrete has been a generally accepted way of constructing areas that require a path on which to walk, a vehicle to drive or any parcel of land calling for easy access on that area.  Samples of paved areas with concrete could include a driveway, pathway or skateboard area.  Often, when a professional is needed to mix and lay down concrete it is accomplished by concrete contractors.  Pavement, through the use of concrete, creates a very durable and lasting solution to serve the intended purpose.  However, aesthetically, plain concrete can be very bland looking.

Process of Concrete Patterning

To address the plainness or blandness of concrete paving enter the procedure known as concrete patterning.  Concrete patterning is a process of creating a design into the existing pavement.  The process begins when a coloring stain, which infuses into the concrete, is applied.  Then once the staining process is complete a pattern is cut into the existing stained concrete.  It is important to note and distinguish the process involved.  This is not an overlay, but the actual engraving of the pattern into the concrete itself.  This engraving process is completed by using a sophisticated engraving machine that is equipped with a diamond blade.   Once completed a transparent top coat is applied to seal in the beautiful pattern.

Value of Concrete Patterning

There are a number of value added benefits to having concrete patterning done.  One of those benefits is that the completed project completely transforms the lifeless and plain concreted area into a beautiful decorative area that is very pleasing to the eyes.  In addition, if a homeowner reaches out to a concrete contractor and engages the concrete contractor's service of concrete patterning they will increase the value of the home.  Also, this is an economical and cheaper way to sprucing up the existing concrete rather than exercising the option of replacing the concrete.

Choosing a Concrete Contractor

Once the decision has been made to go ahead with decorative concrete, the next step is to identify a concrete contractor who has the expertise and equipment to do this work.  This can be accomplished by searching the internet and ask a couple of concrete contractors to explain what they can do and provide the owner with a bid for the project. Contacting a couple of concrete contractors will help in deciding which company to employ by looking at cost effectiveness, the process they use and to judge their professionalism.   

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