3 Important Tips To Remember When Replacing Your Old Submersible Well Pump

There is a good reason why most private well owners will opt for a submersible well pump; these things actually have a very respectable lifespan and can last as long as 25 years when properly maintained. However, as a private well owner, you very well could run into a time when you are faced with the task of replacing your pump with a new unit. Because replacing this pump will involve removing the old pump and carefully lowering the new pump in place to the right depth, many well owners hire a professional for this task. However, if you do choose to tackle this job on your own, there are a few important rules to follow. 

Always disconnect the power source at the breaker when you start working. 

Even if the wiring that is connected to your submersible well pump is protected with an encasement, it is best to cut off the power to the pump before you start pulling it out of the well. If you don't, the electricity filled wires could be damaged during the removal and put you at extreme risk of getting electrocuted, especially because you will be working around water in the well. Additionally, you do not want the pump trying to kick on while it is being moved, which can cause it to be harder to hold onto. 

Cover the rim of the opening of your well with heavy cotton towels or a protective material. 

The opening around a well is usually a large tubular piece of metal that can have extremely sharp edges when the cap is removed. During removal of your old pump, you could run into some major pains because of this. You may inadvertently slice into the electrical wiring or even injure your arms and hands. Therefore, before you get started, it is best to cover the rim of the well's opening with heavy cotton towels or even a piece of plywood with a large opening cut from the center. 

Take your time with removing the old pump components from the well. 

The submersible well pump consists of a lot of different parts, from check valves to individual pipe sections. Therefore, just raising the old pump out of the well can be a daunting process and one that should be done carefully. If you do not take your time and end up losing items in your well, the whole project can come to a standstill because the old parts will have to be fished out before you can proceed. 

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