4 Easy Ways To Unclog Your Drains

Having a clogged drain is often a uniquely frustrating experience for homeowners. Once you've identified a clogged drain, you have just a couple of options. One is to call a plumber out to the house, which is often necessary in more severe cases. But for the everyday clog, it's possible to whip up a cheap and effective remedy at home. For just a few examples of ways you can get your drain unclogged, check out the four solutions below.

Wire Hanger

One of the simplest and time tested ways to unclog your drain is by using a single wire hanger. First, remove the cover from your clogged drain. Then straighten a wire so that one end of it is hooked. This end should be inserted down the drain as far as possible, or until you feel the hook catch on something (usually hair or whatever other rubbish has clogged the drain). Then pull out the hanger and remove the debris -- you might want gloves for this part! You may also have to repeat this process several times for the drain to become fully unclogged. 

Boiling Water

Another extremely simple way to get rid of a drainage clog is by using boiling water. There's no special trick here -- just boil four or five cups of water and then proceed to safely pour the water slowly down the drain. While the toughest of clogs might not succumb to this solution, most will. And after all, it doesn't cost you anything but five minutes of your time.

Compressed Air

Another ingenious solution comes in the form of compressed air. Head to your local hardware store and ask for a compressed air cleaner. There should be several options available, all of which can work wonders on a clogged drain. This is normally best for drains that are completely stopped up, as the cleaner will seal the drain and then force the water out. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

While some people don't like pouring chemicals down their drains, baking soda and vinegar are about as harmless as they come. Pour roughly a half cup of each into your clogged drain and wait for it to fizz up. After ten minutes, you can chase the baking soda and vinegar foam with boiling water. As long as you have baking soda and vinegar on hand, this is one of the easiest drainage solutions out there.

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