Things To Ask Yourself When A Gas Furnace Is Problematic

Does your central heater not work without the pilot to the furnace constantly being reignited? A gas furnace has many parts that can affect the pilot if they are not in a good condition. You are either dealing with a problem that requires repairs being done, or you have an old furnace that is about to go all the way out. Below, you will discover information that can help you determine what is going wrong with your gas furnace.

Do You Smell Any Gas Around Your Furnace?

Pay attention to the area around your furnace to detect any odors of gas. If you smell the slightest bit of gas, it can mean that some of it leaks out while traveling to the furnace. The leak can lead to your pilot having to be constantly reignited because there is never enough gas to keep the fire burning. You will either need a new gas line installed or a contractor to seal up cracks.

When Was the Last Time That the Furnace Was Cleaned?

Do you remember ever getting your gas furnace cleaned by a professional? If you have never invested in the task, it might be time to get it done. You must understand that a furnace must be cleaned to prevent dirt and other debris from causing the parts to malfunction. For instance, the pilot orifice can become blocked by dirt, which can be the reason for the flame going out all of the time.

Is the Pilot Flame Small When it Is Ignited?

If the pilot flame does not ever flare up to a satisfactory size when it is ignited, the problem might stem from the burner being problematic. The burner may have become excessively rusty over the years and unable to send enough fire to the pilot. A contractor can replace the furnace burner if it is the problem, or he or she might only need to repair it.

How Long Has the Furnace Been in Your House?

One of common reason for a gas furnace pilot to not stay ignited is due to it simply being worn out. If you have been using the same furnace for numerous years, it has possibly been used beyond repair. Failing to get tune-ups done for a gas furnace throughout the years can also lead to untimely wear and tear. Hire a professional to determine if your gas furnace can be repaired or not.

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