Looking At The Risks Of A Compromised Cap On Your Well

When you and your family turn on the faucet in your kitchen for drawing a cool glass of water, you and your family may have no qualms about turning up that glass and drinking it all. If you have a well on your property, you may enjoy great tasting fresh water, but are you certain that your well water is completely free of contaminants that could be harmful to you and family? Learn more about the great importance of your well's cap.

Protecting Your Drinking Water From Air-Borne Contaminants

If your well water is not protected with a well cap, contaminants in the air outside can make their way into your drinking water. This is especially true if you live in area where factories are producing smoke that can make its way near your well. If any contaminants are found in that smoke, they can easily fall into your well if the cap is not secure, made of high quality materials and sealed with a rubber seal. If you find that the cap on your well has been cracked or broken, testing your water at once is vital for knowing it is safe to drink.

A High-Quality Well Cap Keeps Critters Out Of Your Well Water

Many creatures can find their way into your well and drown in it if the cap is not on tightly or it has been broken. If a rat or mouse falls into your well, drowns and begins decomposing, you and your family can get sick from drinking the water. In fact, some serious diseases are associated with rodents that could be transferred to you and your family through drinking water that is contaminated by a dead rodent. Taking the time to inspect your well cap regularly is important to prevent your well from being contaminated by wild animals falling into it.

Domestic Animal Well Contamination Is Real

If you have livestock or your dog in a fence in an area above the ground level of your well, runoff water can make its way into your well if its cap is not sealed tightly. One way to prevent this type of contamination is to move your animals to an area away from your well so that no water runoff can make its way into your cap if it becomes compromised. If you are unable to move your animals, ensure that your well cap is always sealed and in good condition.

To learn more, contact a well contractor in your area.