Rescuing Your Engagement Ring From The Plumbing

One of the more common bathroom disasters is dropping a ring down the drain. When the ring is your engagement rock, you may want to panic, but try to stay calm. Often, you will be able to retrieve the ring or another jewelry item on your own or with some expert plumbing help.


A magnet on a string can often work to recover metal items from your drain. The magnet needs to be a stronger one tied to a medium length piece of string or yarn. You will have to fish for your item, and if it hasn't gone too deep, you may be able to pull it right up. Unfortunately, this method will not work on gold or silver, the items you most want back. If you can see your lost non-magnetic item, you can try fishing for it with a bent paper clip fastened to a string. You might be able to hook it enough to get it out of the drain.  If these methods don't work, you'll have to use a little more elbow grease.


Before you do anything with the drains, shut off the water underneath the sink. Then place a bucket or other container under the p-trap, which is the u-shaped pipe. You will need a wrench or pliers to loosen this section. Once you remove it, expect a nasty mixture of water, grease, and debris to fall into the bucket. Don rubber gloves before you poke around in the mess. If you are lucky, the ring will be there and only need a really good cleaning. If it isn't, then you need to call a plumber for help.


If your ring or another item is flushed down the toilet, you have a bigger problem. Your best hope is that it didn't flush completely and is in the toilet trap. Once again, you need to get out your rubber gloves and gently probe to see if your ring is lodged there. You can also probe with a clothes hanger to see if you can drag it out from the back of the trap. If you cannot find the ring, the toilet will probably need to be removed. Unless you are skilled at this type of work, you should have a plumber do this task for you. Once the toilet is replaced, it will need to be resealed properly, or you could have a plumbing disaster on your hands.

Losing jewelry down the drain or toilet is common, but if you are lucky, you will be able to retrieve it yourself. If you cannot, call your plumbing professional who has much experience in saving precious items from the pipes. For more information, contact Midwestern Plumbing Service or a similar company.