What Can Go Wrong With A Radiant Floor Installation?

Different types of heating can cause different kinds of home renovation problems. In some cases, it is the installation that is the issue. With radiant floor installation, there are some common problems that can occur. By knowing about them, you can act quickly.

There Isn't a Basement or Crawl Space

Radiant floor installation works better when the floor is being placed at the same time. If you've already laid down your flooring, you will need a basement or adequate crawl space between the flooring and the home's base to be able to get the piping between the floor joints. Without these, installing the piping is extremely hard work and may not be done correctly. This is something to consider if you are already removing the flooring or just having it added.

The Piping Isn't Insulated Against Underneath

In most cases, the piping for radiant floors is placed directly into wet concrete. While this can help improve the efficiency of the floor, it does rely on the piping being insulated properly. There are too many cases where the heat has escaped through the soil or the stonework around the house, rather than reaching the home.

Likewise, insulation is needed on the piping that goes between the ceiling of one floor and the flooring of the next story in the house. This helps to really zone out the heating; otherwise you end up with the potential of double heat on the ground floor of the home and very little on the first floor.

Freezing Can Occur

Since radiant floor heating works better when it is placed during the building work.  Many manufacturers lay the piping and then wait to lay the flooring. This can cause water in the pipes to freeze, and can lead to leaks occurring. If this is a worry, it is possible to add some antifreeze to the system beforehand.

Leaks can also occur if the plumbing is not up to par. This can cause issues of dampness and mold in various parts of the home. The piping will need to be replaced and in some cases so will the flooring.

While hydronic heating is beneficial, you need to make sure your radiant floor installation goes through perfectly. Problems can occur, and they can be costly for you in the future. Poor insulation around the piping is one of the main issues, and could lead to losing heat outside of the home or finding rooms are heated unevenly.