The Perks Of Hardie Plank Siding

Many people think that vinyl siding is the only way to go if you want a cheap exterior remodel. However, many people are unfamiliar with Hardie plank siding. Hardie plank siding is made out of concrete composite. Basically, it is a lightweight composite that look like real concrete, but it is even more durable and comes in a range of different colors. Just like vinyl siding, it is a very low-maintenance and affordable siding product, so it is popular among homeowners on a limited budget. This article explains the perks of using Hardie plank siding.

Hardie Plank is Modular

Hardie plank siding has a modular design that is similar to that on vinyl siding. The pieces are engineered so they interlock without any screws, glues, fasteners or locks. There are anchor pieces that need to be secured to the existing sidewall with screws, but the main wall planks attach to each other very easily. Hardie plank is admittedly heavier than vinyl, but it is still light enough that many homeowners install it on their own. If you have ever been involved with installing vinyl siding, you will know how easy the process is. Hardie plank siding is similarly easy to install, even if the planks are a bit heavier.

Hardie Plank is Durable

Many people love Hardie plank siding because it is such a low-maintenance product. It is completely waterproof. The planks are made out of concrete aggregate that is held together with a lightweight epoxy. This planks are polished to create a surface that is durable, impermeable and fade-resistant. Once the planks are installed, they are very easy to clean. You can give them a very thorough cleaning with a pressure washer. No soap needed.

Hardie Plank is Versatile

When it comes to the style of your exterior, Hardie plank siding is versatile. It comes in a range of natural stone colors. Some people love the look mixed-color planks. These are sold in packages with varying colors within the same tonal range, so they look together whether they are randomly or strategically laid out. At the same time, Hardie plank can be painted, just like you can paint stucco. This is perhaps the biggest advantage the Hardie has over vinyl. You can repaint it down the road when you want to update your exterior colors.

You should definitely consider Hardie plank siding if you are looking for an affordable and stylish exterior remodel.