Preparing For Summer: Yearly Maintenance For Your Air Conditioning System

As you begin spring cleaning for the warmer months ahead, it's time to get your air conditioning system ready. While there are a number of steps you can take to prepare your system on your own, it's important to schedule a yearly maintenance visit with a technician now before the season gets too busy. The more you get your system ready for the hotter months ahead, the less likely you will have to deal with an emergency service call.

Start by Removing Debris from Your Outdoor Unit

If your system has been dormant during the cold winter months, start your yearly air conditioning maintenance by removing any dirt and debris that may have collected around your outdoor unit. With high winds, snow and ice, there may be a significant amount of leaves, sticks and dirt around your unit. While you will want to leave opening your unit to a professional, you can clean around it to save the technician some time.

Clear Vents in Your Home to Prepare for Air Conditioning Usage

During the winter months, many people will forget about the vents that deliver cold air to the home through the air conditioning system. Furniture might be blocking a vent, books get piled onto floor vents, and the overall flow of air may be inhibited in the home. As you get ready to use your cooling system once again, check that your vents are clear.

Check that Your Unit is Level

Over time, the pad that your air conditioning unit sits on will settle into the ground. This will cause your air conditioning unit to become unbalanced. Use a level and make sure that the outdoor unit is level so that it will run properly when it's in use.

Change Out Filters

The filters in your air conditioning system should be changed right at the beginning of the cooling season for your system to work correctly. Make sure that you use the right filter size when you change out your filters.

Check Your Ducts in the Home

You can lose a lot of cold air if the ducts in your home are leaking. Turn on the system, and check for air leaks along the seams of your duct work. Feel for leaks, and repair any ducts with tape to keep the duct work sealed.

As you get ready for the warmer months ahead, call in a HVAC technician like Comfort Solutions Heating & Cooling Inc to get your system ready before the hot weather comes.