3 Ways To Make A Patio Feel Like An Extra Room

Patios are a common feature in many homes. While many homeowners utilize this space on a regular basis, others find that they are unsure of what to do with this outdoor space. One way to get more use out of a patio is to treat it like an extra room. Patios can be treated like a living room that happens to be outside. These spaces are great for entertaining, family dinners, and lounging. There are a few ways to make a patio feel like a part of the home it's attached to.

Make It Easy To Get To

Often people do not use their patios because they are not easy to get to. They often have a single door that leads out to the space, and it can feel closed off from the rest of the home. One way to change this is by opening up the doorway and installing a new set of doors. French patio doors are a great option for this purpose. The glass panes on these doors allow for a better view of the patio space from inside. They are also easy to prop open, which makes it easy to navigate from one space to another. 

Add Furniture

Furniture plays a big role in making a patio feel like another room in the house. Purchasing patio furniture is a great choice for homeowners wanting to make their patio more usable. When it comes to patio furniture, there are many options that feel similar to indoor furniture. Cushy couches and tables that are great for dining are all available in materials that can stand up to the outdoors. Another way to make the patio feel like part of the home is to carry the indoor style of the home outdoors by using similar color schemes, decorations, and materials. 

Keep The Temperature Constant

Another way to make the patio feel like part of the home is by keeping the temperature comfortable. Since patios are outside, it can be difficult to enjoy them when there is inclement weather. There are ways to help make the temperature on the patio bearable. Adding a fireplace, fire pit, or heater is a great way to keep the space cozy during the colder months of the year. During the warm summer months, ceiling fans are a great way to keep cool on the patio. 

Patios are a great opportunity for homeowners to create more living space in the home. For those that do not use their patios on a regular basis, a few changes can be made. Adding French patio doors, purchasing patio furniture, and keeping the temperature constant are all great ways to make a patio more usable.