Three Options For Septic Drain Fields To Protect Your Home And Have Fewer Problems

If you have a home on a septic system, maintenance and repairs can be a major expense. This is especially true if you have an older system that has an old drain field. One of the improvements that you may want to consider is updating your system with a modern drain field. This can protect your home from problems with the drain field backing up and damaging the tank or the plumbing in your home. Here are some of the options you have to choose from for a modern septic system drain field that will protect your home from septic system failure:

1. Large Septic Drainage Networks With Distribution Boxes

Large septic networks of drainage pipes can be used to distribute the affluent or liquid waste of your septic system. This is something that also requires the installation of a distribution box, which will ensure that the affluent is distributed evenly in the drainage field. This type of improvement can be good if you have an older septic system with a single drainage line.

2. Chambered Septic System Drainage Field For Improved Filtration

There are also chambered septic drainage designs. These are drainage lines that include several chambers in them, which helps to improve filtration. This can be a good solution in areas with ground water concerns. The chambers can include filter mediums like peat moss, which can help ensure that the contaminates of affluent do not reach ground water supplies. The chambered drainage systems will also have fewer problems with clogged drainage lines that can damage a septic system.

3. Using Alternative Drainage Systems And Designed Wetlands For Septic Systems

Alternative drainage solutions can also be used for your septic system. There are many different types of alternative drainage solutions, which can include mound systems and wetland designs. If you have a high water table, a septic mound can be built to raise the height of drainage and improve filtration. Wetlands are another solution, which can be used for filtering septic affluent naturally. A wetland design will require more space, which is why they are more common on larger rural properties.

These are some of the options that you have to choose from to protect your home from problems that start with failure of drain fields. If you are ready to update your septic drainage, contact a septic system service, such as Moon Septic, and talk with them about doing some of these improvements for your home.