Maintaining Your New Aluminum Carport

Look at your shiny new metal carport – it catches the sun, adds a tasteful parking area to your home, and most importantly, protects your vehicles. Your new parking spot won't stay in fabulous condition for long, however, unless you properly maintain it. Follow these three tips to ensure your carport lasts for a long time and does its intended job as it should.

Seal Out Problems

Has your aluminum carport been adequately sealed? If you've installed it yourself, this is a must-do next step. If you've had it installed by a company, ensure that this is a part of the installation service, or follow up with your own sealing project. Sealant ensures that your metal components are protected, any dings or imperfections are protected against the formation of rust, and all cracks or crevices are filled to keep out unwanted intrusion by water or insects.

Choose between brush-on or spray-on sealant and ensure you've chosen one appropriate for metal surfaces; lacquer meant for wood or concrete surfaces won't work as well on metal. Most importantly, ensure that your carport is completely washed and is absolutely dry before beginning the sealing process; moisture and dirt can prevent sealant from working appropriately.

Clean Thoroughly

You might think that all you need to do is spray your aluminum carport down with your hose every so often to keep it clean and functional. After that, Mother Nature does the rest with plenty of sun and rain, right? Well, not quite.

Your carport can become the target of animals, birds, insects and even plant growth. And whether those creatures – or plants – create hidey-holes, nests, hives or patterns of moss or ivy, all are destructive to carports if not removed regularly. It may seem cruel to remove the poor bird's nest from beneath the carport eaves, but in reality, birds tend to expand nests regularly and this can cause debris to be ground into metal surfaces and crevices and decay to occur as a result. Other types of natural buildup can do the same. Remove and then thoroughly spray down for bests results.

Inspect Regularly

A problem can begin with your carport either suddenly or through the passage of time. That's why it's important to inspect the structure both on a regular basis and after large-scale events like hailstorms. The earlier you catch progressing damage, the less expensive and easier it is to fix. In the case of damage caused by storms, check to see if your aluminum carport is covered by your property insurance. If it isn't already, see if it can be added on. The few extra dollars in insurance money you spend to protect it can saves hundreds when trying to recover from storm damage.

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