How To Repair Vinyl Siding With A Patch Kit

Vinyl is one the most durable and reliable siding products on the market. It is hard and lightweight, so it is very difficult to scratch or damage. However, over the years there is always a chance that your vinyl could be scratched, damaged, or gouged in a freak accident. If this does happen to your vinyl siding, you will need to learn to patch it as soon as possible to make a proper vinyl siding repair. Patching and repairing vinyl siding is actually very easy if you have the right materials. This article explains how to patch small holes in exterior vinyl siding.

Get a Vinyl Patch Kit

For most final repairs, you will want to buy an all-inclusive patch kit. This kit includes a square of vinyl, adhesive and a sealant. There will be simple instructions on how to handle the different materials as well. You should also wear latex gloves, especially when working with adhesive because it can be very irritating on your skin. You will also need a utility knife or heavy duty scissors to cut the patch to size. A few strips of masking tape and vinyl sandpaper will also be helpful.

Patching Like a Pro

The first step is to cut the patch to size. Make sure it is several inches larger that the hole on each end. Also, make the patch square if possible. This way it will be less visible in the end. Using the masking tape, tape the patch in place. Make sure the placement is good before applying the adhesive to the inside edges of the patch. Then, place the patch back in place and tape it down again. Spread more adhesive along the seams for a stronger hold. You will need to watch for the adhesive to dry for a few hours before you can sand it. Do a little touch up sanding

The sealant just needs to be spread over the patched area. It will harden the vinyl patch and make it blend in.

The only problem with vinyl patch kits is that the new path does not always match the existing vinyl. You should always buy a patch out that is made by the same manufacturer. This will increase the chance of a perfect match. However, a mismatched patch looks better than no patch at all. An unpatched hole can lead to destruction of the sidewalls underneath the vinyl. This can be very expensive to fix in the end