3 Important Features You Might Not Think Of For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Planning for a bathroom remodeling project often begins with determining a new layout and choosing the materials you will use. These are the standard decisions needed for bathroom remodeling, but there are other factors you may want to consider that you didn't even think of. Here are three things that many people fail to plan for during a bathroom remodeling project.

Water efficiency

As you make updates in your home, you may want to ensure that the updates are as energy-efficient as possible. You can do this in a bathroom by carefully selecting your fixtures and faucets. Here are some tips that will help you use less water in your new bathroom:

  • Look for low gallons per flush toilets – Older toilets can use up to seven gallons of water per flush, but newer ones often use less than two gallons per flush. This is a big difference, and it could help you conserve a lot of water each year.
  • Place aerators on faucets – A bathroom typically has a shower or tub and a sink, and you can conserve water in each of these devices by making sure they have aerators on them. Aerators reduce the amount of water that comes from a faucet without sacrificing water pressure.

Planning for these things before you begin your project could make a big difference in your home's water consumption.

Better ventilation

The second thing to consider before you begin your project is the ventilation your new bathroom will have. If your existing bathroom does not have a good ventilation system, now is the time to update this. You could do this by replacing your old exhaust fan with a new one.

When you do this, make sure the contractor checks the entire ventilation system to ensure that the moisture and heat is exiting your home through the roof.

Temperature control

The third thing you might not think about in your bathroom is adding heat to the floor. While this may not be needed in the summer, it can be great for cold winter days. Radiant heating systems are perfect for bathrooms, but this is something you will need to plan for before your bathroom remodeling project begins.

An in-floor heating system will not only make it warmer in your bathroom, but this could also help keep the moisture out of this room.

If you are ready to begin a bathroom remodeling project, talk to a contractor today to begin planning it. When you hire a contractor, make sure you discuss these three important issues with him before the project begins.

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