Four Things You Will Want To Know Before Installing Septic Systems And Drilling Wells

Many homes require the installation of septic systems to treat waste. There are also homes that need a well and a septic system. This is why it is important to consider both of these systems for your home. The septic waste can affect water quality in your well. Septic systems may need to be designed for certain soil types and be located a safe distance from your home. Here are four things that you may want to consider when installing a septic system and drilling a water well for your home:

1. Knowing The Soil Type And Septic System That Is Needed

The soil quality is very important when installing a septic system. This is what filters the waste before it reaches the ground water. Before you have a septic system installed, you will have to have a soil test done. This will tell you if you have poor or good soil and what type of septic system that will need to be installed for your home.

2. Choosing The Best Location For Wells And Septic Systems

There are also many choices for where you can locate a septic system and well. You may want to have a well located near your home, and the septic system located further away. The septic drain field needs to be located in an area where it will drain away from the well.

3. Septic Drain Fields To Reduce Ground Water Contamination

When you have a septic system installed, there are also many choices for the type of drain field that is installed. This is where the liquid waste filters through the ground. If you are concerned about the waste affecting your well, you can have the system installed with high-performing filter medium and have a liner installed to prevent it from reaching ground water near your well.

4. Using A Water Well System To Ensure Water Quality

Even with everything you do to protect your well, you may still be concerned about water quality. There are complete well systems available that can purify water that comes from your well. This can ensure that your water is always pure and free of any waste or contamination that can come from the groundwater supply.

These are some of the things that you may want to consider when drilling a water well and installing a septic system. If you need to have a septic system installed for your home, contact a septic service, like Schlegelmilch Plumbing & Well Drilling, to help with the installation of your system.