Why Is Site Investigation So Important For Large Buildings?

Although you might have heard of simple soil testing and inspections for building residential properties and small businesses, you might have never heard of in-depth site investigation. However, if you are planning on building a very large commercial or industrial building, you might want to look into hiring a geotechnical drilling contractor to help you do a more in-depth site investigation of the land where you are planning on starting your project. These are a few reasons why site investigation is so important for large buildings.

1. Larger Buildings Are More Likely to Collapse

Although poor-quality soil or rock is never a good thing when you are planning a building project, it can be even more serious if you are working on a much larger building. This is because larger buildings are much heavier and are more likely to collapse when the soil or rock underneath doesn't provide enough stabilization. This can cause a wide range of problems, from extensive and expensive foundation damage to actual danger for you and anyone else who is inside or near the building. Luckily, a geotechnical drilling contractor can drill into the soil and can ensure that it is ready to support your large building.

2. Bigger Projects Often Come With Stricter Requirements

If you are tackling a bigger project, you might have already realized that you are held to stricter local codes and regulations. In fact, there is a good chance that you will be required to have this type of investigation done before you build a very large building, especially if the soil and rock in the area are suspect. Check with your local building code office to find out if this is something that you are required to do by the local area that you live in.

3. Investors and Lenders Often Ask For These Inspections

Believe it or not, investors and lenders often ask for these inspections when they are putting money toward a large building that is being built. This can help provide them with peace of mind that their money won't go to waste. By presenting a site investigation sheet when pitching to investors or asking for money from lenders, you might improve your chances of getting a yes.

As you can see, site investigation truly is important prior to the construction of very large commercial building and industrial buildings. These are a few reasons why you might want to contact a geotechnical drilling contractor from a company, such as Haz-Tech Drilling Inc., to find out more about one of these investigations prior to starting your building project.