The Characteristics And Advantages Of Storm Windows

There are many great reasons to invest in storm windows. You do not need to live any a region that has severe storms or harsh weather. Storm windows can be very beneficial for homeowners in moderate temperatures as well. This article will introduce storm windows and explain why they are a great option for most homeowners who are looking into window replacement.

They Have Tempered Glass Panes

Some people do not know what storm windows are because they look so much like normal windows, but they have many reinforced elements. For instance, storm windows are made with tempered glass. Tempered glass is glass that is produced by heating it to extreme temperatures. This makes the glass stronger and less likely to break. If tempered glass does happen to break, it does not shatter into sharp shards of glass. Instead, it breaks into small, rounded pebbles that are less likely to cut you. This means that the glass is much safer in environments where there is a risk of breakage. Most states have building codes that require using tempered glass in bathroom windows.

They Have Multiple Panes

Storm windows have tempered glass, and they also often have multiple panes of glass. Two and three pane windows give a window even more strength and insulation. This will protect your window in case severe weather or debris causes an outer pane to crack. The extra panes will keep your window waterproof until you can replace the broken pane. Multiple panes also increase the solar efficiency of windows and make them more soundproof.

They Have Insulated Sashes

Storm windows also have insulated sashes. This extra insulation helps to make your window significantly more efficient. Heat and cold will not radiate through your window, altering the temperature of your interior. You will not need to be so reliant on your heating and air conditioning systems. The sashes are also equipped with much stronger weather stripping to create a stronger seal when the window is closed.

Storm windows will definitely last longer than standard windows. They are built with thicker, higher grade materials so you can rest assured that they will stand up to normal wear and tear from daily usage. Storm windows are often required by law in regions that are susceptible to natural disasters like hurricanes and flooding. It is easy to see why homeowners, no matter where the live, seek this same level of protection and durability for their home.