Create The Perfect Look In Your Family Room

Are you moving into a brand new house, or are you redecorating your existing family room? Over time, the family room has become a kind of entertainment center for friends and family to gather. You can make it an incredible room by following some simple steps:

Choose A Theme - Consider what your family loves, and go with a theme to match the room.

  • If your family loves sports and will watch mostly sporting events on the television set, think about giving the room a sporty look. Consider framing black and white photographs of famous men and women who have become legends.
  • Another idea is to take pictures of your own family members while they are playing in their own sport. Turn those pictures into large posters and display them on the family room walls.
  • Are you movie buffs? A really fun thing to do is to get posters of old movies like Casa Blanca, Gone With The Wind, or newer ones you've loved and display them on the walls. Don't forget cartoon movies your children have loved!
  • If you want to go with a western theme, choose anything country. Denim upholstery would be great. Consider wall hangings like western scenes with horses in them, or select photos of people like Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans or John Wayne. A darling touch would be to get your kids to get all dressed up in western wear and frame those pictures. Or, have the whole family dress up in old-fashioned clothing and make yourselves the center of attention.

Make It A Room That Is Easy To Care For - Skip the carpets and order indoor pavement!

  • If you want everybody to feel at ease in this room, consider eliminating carpet.
  • While carpet is pretty, it is easily stained with soda pop and other things you'll be enjoying in the family room.
  • Consider hiring a paving contractor to give your room a floor that will require very little care. Of course everybody knows that pavement on the outside of the house is a given, but some people don't think of it as a great floor inside the house. 
  • When you hire a paving contractor to give your family room a concrete floor, you've opened up all kinds of possibilities. Your concrete floor can take on any appearance you want it to when you add faux painting. Perhaps you are artistic and you can do the job yourself, which would be great. If not, consider hiring a professional. Your concrete floor can take on the look of marble, wood, tile, or almost anything else you want.

Congratulations on creating the perfect family room. To learn more, or if you need help with deciding what to base your floor with, contact a company like Driveways By Heap Inc. for help.