Urgent Reasons To Call A Plumber

For many homeowners, taking care of minor plumbing issues and repairs is a necessary task. Unfortunately, there are some things that require the expertise of a plumber to come in, evaluate the problem and make the necessary fix. Some plumbing problems can wait until the next available appointment slot but others require immediate attention. If you're experiencing these issues in your home, don't hesitate to call a plumber right away.

Burst Water Pipe

At the top of the list of reasons to call a plumber right away, should be if you have a burst water pipe. The first thing you should do is locate the water shutoff valve to stop the flow of water coming into your home. Locating the valve ahead of time and informing family members of the exact location can prevent widespread flood damage.

Most valves are located near where the water enters your home. If you have city water it should be near the meter area. For well water, it is likely near the pump in your crawlspace or basement. Once the water is turned off, contact a plumber to come out and check for damage and make the necessary repairs.

Standing Sewer

Sometimes a sewer pipe can burst quietly, and you may not realize it until your basement is flooded with standing sewage or water. A buildup of pressure in the pipes or an invasive root system can lead to sewer pipe issues. Calling a plumber to fix the problem is necessary. He will determine where the leak is, stop the flow of water or sewer from coming in and install new pipes. If the issue is underground, such as a tree root, extensive digging and trenching may be necessary to make the repair. 

Clogged Toilet

Not having a toilet that functions properly can bring your lifestyle to a standstill. Toilets can back up because of a clog in the toilet itself or because of a clog deep within the sewer line. A combination of proper water pressure and a clear pipe are essential in making sure that your toilet works at proper capacity. A plumber will be able to snake the pipes and remove the clog. In some cases, a specialized drum machine with high torque capabilities is used to flush out debris and restore proper flow.  

No Water Pressure

If you wake up to find no water or very low pressure, it can negatively affect all of the appliances in your home. If you have well water, it could be a problem with your pump. A plumber will generally work on replacing parts related to clogged lines or a faulty water pump. If it's an issue with the well, you'll have to contact a well driller or someone who specialized in wells to service the problem. For city water, it could be an issue with the valves or a buildup of calcium deposits in the pipes. Having a plumber come out right away will ensure a proper diagnosis of the problem.

Utilizing an emergency plumber helps give you peace of mind and restores water flow to your home once again.