How Motorized Blinds Can Help To Improve Your Productivity

Waking up early in the morning is not fun for most people. However, waking up to a dark room is even worse. It not only increases the chances of  a person rolling over and hitting the snooze button, but it also causes people to be more susceptible to sinking into sleep inertia—a state which is usually a guarantee of less productive mornings. As it turns out, this is something that motorized blinds can help you to avoid.

What is sleep inertia?

Sleep inertia is a state that is characterized by reduced activity, both physical and mental. When in this state, a person is more inclined to want to continue sleeping. Doing anything productive is virtually impossible.  What makes it even worse is the fact that once you start your day in this state, you are bound to function at half-capacity for the rest of the day.

What causes it?

Abrupt awakening. This usually happens mainly because most people use alarm clocks, a habit that has the effect of shocking the body into waking up. It is a habit that affects the effectiveness of the body's cortisol awakening response (CAR)—a process that usually releases cortisol into the brain. And without a good enough dose of cortisol to prime the brain and the rest of the body for peak performance, there isn't much that one can do to be productive.

Artificial dawn and sleep inertia

Scientists trying to find if there is a relationship between artificial dawn, lights that have been designed to mimic sunrise, and sleep inertia carried out experiments on a group of people. For two weeks, they put them under varying degrees of lights prior to waking up, and then tested the level of their grogginess. They found out that the presence of artificial dawn significantly reduced the symptoms of sleep inertia.  

What do motorized blinds have to do with it?

The scientists found that artificial dawn reduced the intensity of sleep inertia. Now, can you imagine how effective natural dawn can be? The full-blown benefit of having natural light prime your body into waking up is way better. And this is where motorized blinds come in handy.

You can pre-time your blinds to open minutes or even hours before waking up. In fact, with some blinds being powered by apps that have inbuilt astronomical clock settings, you can time the blinds to open just as the sun is beginning to rise. Way before the alarm sounds.

The natural light from the sun will ease your body into the fully-awake stage and thus ensuring that you have the perfect day by maximizing the effect of the cortisol awakening response (CAR), something that will help to ensure that you have more productive mornings.