Need A New Sink? Understand The Benefits Of Copper

If you want to change your kitchen sink to one that's a little more unique, then copper is a good choice. A plumber, such as Quality Plumbing Inc, installs it the same way as they would any other sink, so the change won't be that difficult to make, but the change in appearance of your kitchen can be drastic. If you've considered copper, but aren't quite sure, this guide provides three benefits to think about.

Benefit #1: Copper Sinks Feature Changing Beauty

In time, your copper sink will change color. In fact, copper is constantly evolving and changing color as it's exposed to air and water, making your kitchen a true work of art years after the plumber installs it.

Even though many consider the natural color-changing ability of copper a benefit, consider the style and color of your kitchen before making the decision to install a copper sink. You may love the look now, but in time, you may not. Ask your plumbing contractor for advice on whether the darker color the sink evolves into will still match well with your kitchen years down the road.

Benefit #2; Copper Sinks Are Easy to Care For

Use only a wet rag and mild dishwashing soap to clean your copper sink. This is all that's needed, and harsh chemicals can actually damage the copper surface and leave discolorations in some areas. After washing and rinsing, dry the sink off with a dry soft cloth to prevent water spots.

Note: Some all-purpose cleaners work well on copper, but check with the manufacturer first to prevent damage.  

Benefit #3: Copper Sinks Don't Hold Bacteria

Copper is a natural antimicrobial resource. Once bacteria from food or other sources touch the sink, they die off within a couple hours. If you have kids, copper is a healthy choice for your kitchen, or even the bathroom.

Traditional sinks, such as stainless steel or porcelain can harbor germs and bacteria for weeks. Some bacteria require harsh chemicals to eradicate them, creating a problem for the environment.   

Consideration: Take the investment of a copper sink seriously and choose one that'll last for years. They can be more expensive than other sinks, so don't make the decision lightly.

Take your time in choosing your copper sink and shine a light directly on it to highlight its beauty once it's in your home. Choose a plumbing contractor who has experience in installing these sinks so that no damage to the surface occurs during installation.