3 Surprising Tips For Keeping Your Furnace In Good Repair

Keeping a furnace well-maintained will help to cut down on repair costs and can ensure your unit is always working optimally. A homeowner needs to be careful when maintaining their own furnace as they don't want to cause a gas leak or get burned, but a few simple tips can keep your furnace maintained throughout the cold season. Consider three tips many homeowners overlook when it comes to maintaining their furnace.

1. Keep your vents and ductwork cleaned

Keeping vents and ductwork clean is not usually thought of as part of your furnace maintenance, but clean vents and ducts can help keep your furnace in good repair and working well. Your furnace need to push warm air through your vents to every part of your home, and if the vents are dirty then the furnace needs to work that much harder to push air through. Dust, dirt, and even rodent droppings and dead bugs get in the way of that air coming through the vents and in turn, the motor and fan of your furnace need to work that much harder.

It's good to have your vents and ductwork professionally cleaned every year. Vacuum the vent coverings regularly as well since these trap dust and debris and can also slow down the flow of air, forcing your furnace to work harder.

2. Clean inside the unit every year

It's not difficult to give your furnace a good cleaning on the inside; make sure an electric furnace is unplugged and switch off the pilot light for a gas furnace. Open the front panel of your furnace and inspect what you see. Typically this will be the fan blades and some belts and other pieces, or an air intake vent. Use a vacuum cleaner hose with a brush attachment to remove some surface dust without disturbing any of the pieces, and then a damp cloth to remove any other dirt and dust. This can allow the unit to work optimally without excessive wear and tear.

3. Avoid high-efficiency furnace filters

High-efficiency furnace filters actually restrict airflow and strain the blower motor. Choose a more affordable furnace filter or note the type of filter recommended by the manufacturer. If you're worried about clean air from your furnace, it's a better option to install a separate air cleaning unit or air cleaner in each room rather than using high-efficiency filters. Along with using more standard filters, be sure you change them every month to three months, or at the very least after every winter season.

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